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Video views on YouTube
Sold a listing in 24 Hours
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Top 5 fastest growing real estate teams in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Sal Toosi real estate team started in 2015 choosing to be a digital first real estate agency.
  • The team started to be active on social media channels as well as YouTube but couldn't really understand which channel is driving the results and how they can expand their reach.
  • Also, they wanted to go beyond their followers and show the listings to people who are looking for real estate agents and want to buy/sell properties.
North Road Digital (NRD) team helped Sal Toosi to track user engagement, define soft and hard conversions, and built meaningful dashboards. NRD team also did an audit on historical data to find the best performing channels for the team and improved conversion tracking to capture more data/signals in future campaigns.
1. More than 1 Million Video Views!
Sal Toosi YouTube channel reached to 1 Million quality video views after 4 months of running successful campaigns. More than 45% view rate!
2. Sold a listing in 1 Day!
NRD team was able to run a campaign on Instagram, targeting users who are looking to buy a property around the listing neighborhood. Sal Toosi sold the listing in one day!
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