Gus Modern
Return on Ad Spend
2 Channels
Search and Display
"We've been building modern furniture for over twenty years - and it continues to be our passion"
  • Gus Modern e-commerce division started in late 2022. After almost 20 years of selling products in different retail stores, Gus Modern started selling some/limited items only online.
  • The main goal of Gus Modern team was to promote these products online and evaluate the impact of online advertising on both online and in-store sale.
  • Also, they wanted to go beyond their followers and show the listings to people who are looking for real estate agents and want to buy/sell properties.
North Road Digital (NRD) team started promoting Gus Modern products both in Canada and US. The main KPIs are both online and in-store sales. Given the website has been built on Shopify, tracking conversions/sales online and attributing them to online ad campaigns was easy. The challenge was to find trends/correlations between online ads and in-store sales.
1. ROAS of 3 to 1
Since the main goal was online sales, NRD team was able to successfully run search campaigns in both Canada and US and drive 3 to 1 return on advertising spend.
2. Online Ads to Offline Sales Connection
NRD team was able to track number of users land on site but end us checking the retailer store locations. NRD team also worked with Gus Modern team to find correlations between online traffic and in-store sales.
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